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Founded in 2008, PUR IMMOBILIA is the driving force behind various acclaimed real estate developments. With several decades of combined experience, partners Philippe Bernard and Yann Lapointe have earned a solid reputation for bringing vision and expertise to everything they do.

Claridge entered the real estate business in 1950. The firm created what would become Cadillac Fairview, one of the largest real estate conglomerates in North America. In the past 10 years, Claridge has focussed on light urban and mixed use redevelopment projects in fast-growing North American markets.

At RioCan Living, we believe building better places to live takes more than bricks and mortar. It means looking at communities and seeing the full picture; what they are,what they could be, and what they need to get there. We make these visions a reality – adding to the story and legacy of each community we engage with.

Doucet Gestion Immobilère is a real estate management firm with a long history in building materials distribution through its company Matériaux Coupal, a Rona subsidiary. Doucet focusses primarily on residential and commercial rentals.

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